Projections update, May 17th 2018: Liberals continue to fall

Just a quick update for the projections. No wall of text or analysis for now.

As you can see, the Conservatives of Doug Ford are still well ahead and in a very comfortable position. But we see more and more sign of a rally of progressive voters behind the NDP.

Riding by riding projections here:

Note: there was a mistake where the Liberals were at -2.1 in one riding. It's obviously an error. I corrected it. It's now at 0. And yes I know the OLP won't literally be at zero but don't take it a face value, take it as "the Liberals are super low there". Thanks to the Reddit user who spotted the mistake.

I have realized that I haven't added the bonus for Doug Ford in hos own riding. Not sure why I keep forgetting but it'll be updated next projection (after the next poll).