Andrew Wilkinson needs a miracle during the leaders debate in BC

 With two new polls published today right before the leaders debate (one from Ipsos and one from Leger), the situation in BC remains incredibly difficult for the BC Liberals. As a matter of fact, the more polls we get, the closer to 50% the BC NDP is.

I don't have the full details of the Ipsos poll but I used the top line numbers. I added the Leger poll.

You have the projections below. The BC Liberals are really, really behind. And as I previously showed, the age-turnout is unlikely to provide any much needed help as the NDP dominates every age group. The lead of the NDP is just too big and I honestly don't see anything will change this between and now and election day, especially as half the voters might cast a ballot by mail and might have done it already.

Adjusted polling average; Seat projections with 95% confidence intervals; Chances of winning the most seats