After the BC debate...

Just one short blog post while waiting for the Mainstreet post-debate poll.

I went to Google Trends to see which leader generated more searches. This is the result :


(Note: I did an exact term search instead of a topic search because this method doesn't work for John Horgan. Results were similar when I tried to do a topic search for Clark and Weaver).

Update: the graph above is directly updated by Google, so the numbers by the time you'll look at them might be different than when I posted them; So here is a print screen of what it looked like after the debate:

Weaver has been behind the other two ever since the election started, so it's pretty significant for him to be ahead of Horgan - he was even tied with Clark right after the debate.

We'll wait and see if this matches with what Mainstreet will find. But based on Google Trends and keeping in mind the relative levels of support for each party (and the fact that Christy Clark just always generates more searches), it looks pretty good for Andrew Weaver.

And you, what did you think? Leave a comment and/or answer the non-scientific poll below:

Who do you think won the BC debate?

Christy Clark from the BC Liberals
John Horgan from the BC NDP
Andrew Weaver from the BC Green
Nobody won
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