Canada simulator

Use the simulator to make your own projections for the 2019 federal election.

Note: This is the first version of the model for the 2019 election. It's a very basic model with potentially some mistakes. It'll be improved over time.

Simply enter the voting intentions you want in the first table and see the results, riding by riding. You are responsible for entering percentages that make sense (i.e: each party must be between 0 and 100 at the maximum; the percentages must sum to 100 or slightly less in each province or region).

The numbers here are NOT the current projections from this site, based on the latest polls. It's a simulator available to the public where everyone can enter his/her percentages. The model is likely to be modified until the next federal election.

*Note: the three territories use the Canada wide numbers because polls never include these three ridings.