BC simulator 2020 advanced

This page allows you to make your own projections by entering different voting intentions for the three main regions of British Columbia. Just enter the percentages and the seat count will automatically update. You are responsible for entering percentages that are between 0 and 100% and sum, across parties, to 100% or slightly lower.

As a guide, here are the results by region in 2017.

Please notice that 'Metro Vancouver' in the model includes Vancouver and the suburbs going as far as Langley and West Vancouver, but not Abbotsford. Every pollster had a slightly different definition of each region in 2017. Some would include only Metro Vancouver, others would include everything going up to Chilliwack. It makes comparisons more difficult. So far, it seems that using 'Metro Vancouver' is the most common option among pollsters, so I'll stick to it for now.

This simulator does not represent the current projections from this site. It is simply a tool allowing you to make your own projections.

This is versions 1.0, that means a simplistic model. It'll be updated during the campaign.