Quebec: poll from Crop-La Presse, Dec. 30th 2010

Jean Charest and its government are reaching new high of impopularity in Quebec. With 70% of Quebecois saying they are unsatisfied with the current government. In term of support, the Liberals are now at a low level of 25%. The PQ, with 41% of the votes intentions, would easily win a majority (actually in this case, there is absolutely no need for any model whatsoever).

Quebec Solidaire is still fourth but would now get as much as 12% of the votes! I said it before, I'll believe it when I'll see this party that high during an actual election. Nevertheless, at that level of support, QS would get 3 seats and be a real contender in a lot of ridings in Montreal.

If the trend goes on, Quebec could be the first province to elect a female as Premier. Of course, we are still far away from a general election and we all know how the Liberals always manage to bounce back or how the PQ can get rid of its leaders. BC could soon have a female Premier since Christy Clark seems to have the lead in the leadership race for the BC Liberals. She wouldn't have been elected, but she already said she would likely trigger a new election if she's selected as the new leader. So we'll have to wait and see to discover which province will be first.

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